lose weight effortlessly!

  •  without cravings 
  •  without relying on willpower
  • without ever gaining it back

get rid of cravings and lose the weight for good without willpower

has this ever happened to you?

  • you find yourself raiding the junk food aisle at the convenience store when you just meant to buy gas
  • you're nice and cozy at home and you know you should be going to the gym but you just don't feel like it and you can't make yourself 
  • you grab the first thing that's quick because you don't have time
  • you were just going to have a taste and it turned into the whole bag of chips and a carton of ice cream
  • you make a batch of desserts to bring to an event the next day and you end up eating it all yourself the night before.
  • and how many times have you promised yourself that you won't let yourself lose control again?  

and when you let yourself down again you feel miserable.  

and when you feel miserable, what do you do? eat more right? maybe you go lie on the couch or distract yourself with social media, tv or spending time on your phone.  

  • that's normal. it's your way of coping with failure because failure is painful.  
  • failure does not make you feel confident about your ability to lose the weight for good and it doesn't make you more motivated, does it?  
  • misery makes it even harder to get back on track.  

if you are experiencing misery right now instead of momentum then how do you go from misery to momentum?  

here is what i discovered:  

i know firsthand what misery is. i lived it. it was awful. even after having helped thousands of people make radical improvements in their lives for over 20 years, i struggled.  

it all started when i experienced a very traumatic event. it changed my brain and biochemistry. as a result, i turned to for comfort and to numb out. ice cream was my personal "go-to" form of self-medicating. anywhere from a half-gallon or more every night!  

now, having been in the weight loss, health and psychology profession for most of my adult life, i knew every strategy in the book to lose weight. yet, just knowing what to do wasn't enough. i needed a way to get myself to break the binge-ing habit i had developed - and all the advice in the world didn't do a darn thing. i had plenty of incentive to quit overeating. after all, i'm a weight loss coach! imagine how awkward it was to be gaining weight and having it feel like a runaway train!  

so what i did was go back to studying the brain again after graduate school. i learned about the breakthrough in brain science that we can rewire our brains which changes our brain/body chemistry and our habits change in accordance with the new thought patterns.  

i took that scientific data and created a real-world, step-by-step, easy system to help anyone rewire her brain for weight loss. first, i experimented with creating techniques using myself as the guinea pig. when technique worked, it was magical! i documented it. it became as simple as relax - rewire - release - reshape. 

  • relax so your brain is receptive to the new thoughts. this will happen automatically as i guide you to a meditative state
  • rewire your brain in as little as 5 minutes a day of consistent active listening. repetition creates the new hardwired thought loops in your brain which makes weight-loss second nature.
  • release the weight - this is the only possible outcome when you rewire your brain.
  • reshape - what your body does from practicing the guidance. the ease in which this happened blew my mind. i knew i had to bring this breakthrough to the world to help all the people who suffer from weight issues who are ready to move forward.  

since that time the results have been phenomenal!. people who "have tried everything" to lose weight and had previously failed over and over continue to have amazing success. they always say: "it's the easiet thing i have ever tried".  

  • relax
  • rewire
  • release
  • reshape

and... if this sounds almost too easy that's because:  

no other program is like this. all of the other programs and approaches offered by weight loss companies, coaches, trainers, doctors, and nutritionists are still operating off of the old, outdated model. and that's what you are used to.  

for example, have you ever been advised to:

  • follow a meal plan with proper nutrition and ideal portion size
  • follow a workout program
  • avoid sugar 

the advice isn't bad. you might receive accurate information regarding a healthy diet or how much you need to exercise to burn x number of calories. you can also get lots of good information about nutrition and exercise from books. however, the key piece that was missing is the brain science that will make it easy for you to do all of this healthy stuff without depending on willpower. and make the changes last.  

that's the key, isn't it?  

i know you never had the right approach because  

a.) you are reading this because you want to lose weight (again)  

b.) i created this program myself after spending over 20 years working with clients, 25 years of study and over $500,000 in education and training. this is not a mass market- high volume, weight loss program in which you might lose some weight but gain it all back and then some. i hope you are feeling relief right now knowing that there is a proven way for you to lose weight forever...and without willpower!  

in fact, it is scientfically impossible to fail when you immerse yourself in the body beautiful blueprint bundle. and i can back that up.  

what would it mean to you to never have to deal with your weight again?  

i want you to start imagining what your life will be like after completing the body beautiful blueprint course.  

is it hard for you to imagine how you will feel physically and emotionally when you are at your ideal weight?  

can you see what you will look like when you are wearing the fashionable, smaller size clothes?  

can you feel the confidence and happiness you will have when you know you look good?  

can you imagine having more energy and no brain fog?  

can you imagine that you will succeed and never have to enroll in another weight loss program again?  

here's the good news! regardless of your history, you can make these changes to your brain and body in just minutes a day without even getting out of your seat. 

what if it were as easy as:  

  • rolling out of bed in the morning excited to get some fresh air and exercise (regardless of the weather.)
  • pushing away from the table before you're stuffed
  • not thinking about food until it's time to eat
  • going to an event and the highlight is enjoying the guests and entertainment without being drawn to the buffet table.
  • planning for an event and not stressing over what you might be able to fit into by that date, knowing you'll look amazing in anything!  

you may be asking "how can this be possible?" you may be telling yourself this could never be you, and doubting that it could never be this easy because it never has been. and you fear another disapointment.  

those thoughts are normal because that's all you've known.  

your past does not have to equal your future, if you do something different.

what has been holding you back from success is that none of the other programs gave you the right information or techniques to change the one thing that is responsible for your weight.  

your brain  

habits are formed in the brain. thought patterns, emotional triggers, cravings and resulting behaviors.  

so it is really simple.: change your brain and you change your weight  

you don't have to take my word alone for it. it is science. nobel prize winning neuroscience  

research in brain science proved that we can change our brain at any age with the right technques and through repetition. that means we can think different thoughts which release different hormones that will reduce stress cravings, make us feel satisfied faster, give us more energy and help us burn fat more easily.