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Sunnie's interest in the mind-body connection began when she was competing as an equestrian in high school and discovered sports psychology and how the mind influences performance. She was fascinated and inspired by that because it made her realize that having a strong mind was just as important, and in fact, a part of creating a strong and healthy body.

Later, when she was studying counseling psychology in graduate school in Cambridge, MA she became interested in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) piloted by Dr. Kabat Zinn of Harvard University. MBSR takes you off "auto-pilot" and puts you more in control of your behavior which is key to successful weight management. She also became certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a technique which rewires associations in the brain. Again, very important for long term weight management.

While working as a behaviorist in a medically supervised weight loss clinic at a Boston area hospital, Sunnie discovered that weight loss programs focus solely on the behaviors needed to lose weight and keep it off and that no matter how much patients are educated about what to do and why it is important, it is still not enough to get many patients to make permanent and lasting changes. She witnessed the frustration and heartache of patients who suffered to lose weight and then gain it back, and more after leaving the program. Apart from the mental anguish, the health risks of yo-yo weight loss and weight gain are serious. This conundrum is what inspired Sunnie to create a viable program that helps people with all kinds of histories of weight management issues to become thin, fit and healthy and stay that way forever - without relying on willpower!

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For more than 20 years, Sunnie has helped hundreds of people shed hundreds of pounds whether it is 30 or 130 pounds, and is excited to deliver a program that finally makes weight management easy and enjoyable for those who are willing and able to immerse themselves in this transformation.

Much like learning a foreign language requires immersion for the brain to completely adapt to thinking automatically in the new language without having to first translate in the head, this truly breakthrough program accomplishes the same thing by getting people to think and behave the same way as a naturally thin person when it comes to food and physical activity. To find out more, call for a consultation.

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