Learn How to Change Your Life

How does your knowledge in brain science help me?

We will have private one-on-one training sessions in which you will create new neural connections in your brain which will result in you stopping before you overeat and experiencing fewer cravings. You will no longer desire foods you used to binge on, you will desire healthier foods with higher water content, and you will enjoy more physical activities and watch the pounds drop away.

What do I get to eat?

You get to choose your favorite foods as part of a well-balanced daily meal plan which you will have access to. There are all types of foods so you never get bored. For your convenience, you are also provided with shopping lists for each week's meal plan so that you have the right foods on hand.

How do I know if the meal plans are right for me?

All meal plans are doctor-approved and designed by registered dieticians. EVERYONE receives a custom-designed meal plan. If you have any food sensitivities or medical conditions, this is taken into consideration and plans are designed to support your health. There are over 100 different categories of meal plans to address every conceivable medical condition and preference.

Will I be hungry?

No, you will not be hungry. This is a fabulous program that is easily sustainable over the long term because you get to eat frequently throughout the day. You will be coached on how to plan and manage your eating schedule so that it becomes second nature and you will not be susceptible to binges or poor choices as in the past when you were ravenous on diets. (That's no fun.) You will learn and practice how to overcome obstacles to better eating.

How will I feel while on this program?

Great! The meal plans are incredibly well designed to not only provide excellent nutrition for your physical health but your mental health as well. By not having sharp rises and falls in glucose (sugars) you will maintain a steadier energy level, be less prone to "crashes" which cause mood swings, headaches, and many other unpleasant feelings. Furthermore, the meal plans are flexible and include "food swap technology" whereby you can swap out a food that will automatically update the rest of the plan to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrition and calorie intake. The second key component of The Program supports your brain. By incorporating the latest advances in brain research, Coach Sunnie will use methods which will make the changes almost effortless and automatic for you and you will feel more peaceful and centered than you ever have. You will surprise yourself when you find yourself desiring a big salad instead of ice cream. (No joke! It really happens!)

Is Coach Sunnie a personal trainer?

No. Coach Sunnie is your personal professional weight loss and health management coach. She is highly credentialed, experienced and intuitive to help you create the permanent weight loss you are seeking. Coach Sunnie will coordinate all of the parts of your health improvement program as it relates to weight loss. When you enroll in The Program, she will stay in touch with your physician, you will be connected to a network of expert health and fitness professionals that you can choose from and you will also receive private, customized, one-on-one training with Coach Sunnie that will joyfully rewire your brain, your beliefs and attitudes toward your body, food, and exercise.

Am I going to have to kill myself at the gym?

No. If you don't have your own exercise coach ( personal trainer, tennis coach, etc.) that you meet with regularly, you will have access to an array of the best professionals who can help you tone up, improve your energy level and manage your stress through exercise. They may include weight-training experts, cardio/fat burning experts, pilates experts, yoga experts, even swim coaches. It will all depend on your current fitness level and your preferences. The most important thing is that you move your body on a regular basis and that you are kind to your body. You will get to choose any activity that you love, after all, this is your life and you want to be happy. Furthermore, if you are happy, you will stick with it.

What is the time commitment?

How often do you think about food? How often do you eat? Most likely, the answer is several times per day. Therefore, when it comes to changing habits, making wise choices and feeling good about those choices and not committing self-sabotage ( you know that thing you do when you lose some weight and you gain it all back?) it is most beneficial for you, your health, your success, and your sanity to receive coaching daily. Certain days of the week will be in-person visits (or Skype or FaceTime if you are traveling) and other days will be strategy calls and follow-up calls by phone or text.

How long is The Program?

The Program cycle is annual and is renewable. Typically, people choose to continue longer because of how wonderful they feel on The Program and they enjoy how much easier life is with the support of Coach Sunnie. There are 6-month cycles as well for those who only need to lose 20 pounds. It is not just about how long it will take you to lose the weight, it is about changing your brain so that you never gain back the weight again. Experience six months or a year of The Program and you never have to look back! You can give away all of your fat clothes FOREVER!