Value of regularly expressing gratitude

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The Value of Regularly Expressing Gratitude

Many religious traditions speak of the value of regularly expressing gratitude. Saying Grace or Brachot is a comon example. Gratitude at onces conveys to the Creator our humility as well as our faith that it is an abundant universe and that we are open to receiving the highest and best for all in Divine timing. Practicing gratitude instills an inner peace and joy and opens us to receive more Good.

I dedicate this page to all those that helped me and continue to help me achieve success in my endeavors which in turn has provided an opportunity for my treasured clients and audience members to achieve the goals of their dreams as well.

I hereby thank and acknowledge the abiding love and support of:
My Infinite Creator
My parents
My many mentors and supporters throughout my life including the late Elsie Watts, Patricia Goldmann, the late Lia Horowitz, the late Dr. Heriberto Vazquez, M.D., J.D., PhD, Tom, Elaine Schwartz, PhD, Jack Canfield, Joan Boughton, David Reardon, "Squarehead", Mr. Tassinari, the late Ted Maine, Ted Southwell, Laura, Myrle, Ivy, Evan, Seamus, Matthew P., Maddona Louise Ciccione, Oprah Winfrey, and every veteran who fought for my freedom to be all that I can be.

​A special acknowledgement to Sentis Corporation for allowing me the use of their Brain video series to further my mission of offering hope, inspiration and the tools to people who want to change their lives.

​In gratitude,

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